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The power of unsuspected decoration of textile accessories


We all know how important accessories are. They are the “little” touch that ends or completely changes the facet of what it touches. For example, have not we all been ecstatic in front of a simple black dress that would be nothing remarkable without the magnificent multicolored ornament that makes it so unique? Or this purse that does not look and who becomes beautiful with a light scarf tied around his thongs?

The same goes for interior decorating. The five photos of a design stay that follow are the perfect illustration of the role that textile accessories play. Cushions and curtains of different colors, materials as different as each other, carpets and lamps, everything comes into play to create a particular atmosphere to a room.


It must be said that often the colors chosen reflect our state of mind of the moment or the phase of our life that we are going through. Anyway, the same room furnished in the same way but with different accessories will have a very original atmosphere.

Here we have the living room decorated in black and white – the classic and timeless colors that however reflect a certain austerity and therefore are not to the taste of everyone.

Stay in the timeless decor in black and white

The second variant is softer in beige and green colors. Immediately the atmosphere becomes peaceful and relaxing. We guess a design stay style haven.

Modern design living room in soft beige and green anise

Those who have the festive soul will appreciate the third photo that demonstrates a cheerful interior, with curtains, cushions and rugs in vivid and flashy hues. Immediately, the impression is the holidays, the sea breeze and the party.

Stay at the festive design deco

In the fourth living room the decor is a darker idea. The colors are deeper which makes the room look like a stylish space and a bit bourgeois. The brilliant shade of cushions and curtains makes the living room design and decoration more chic.

Stylish design living room

The ethno artistic influence is immediately apparent when we see the curtains with folk motifs and the cushions with tasks reminiscent of brush strokes. So the room is welcoming and warm, which predisposes a guest to feel at home.


Design stay with ethno-folkloric look

Which of these atmospheres would you like to recreate in your design stay thanks to the colored textiles?


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