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The retro-vintage kitchen guarantees a real change of scenery towards the past


Get rid of the noise, the daily stress and the incessant hubbub, go back, opt for simplicity, find a way to get away from it all, here are some of the reasons that push the owners of a house to opt for a retro kitchen – vintage .

Green and blue are the characteristic colors for a retro kitchen

aménagement retro cuisine vintage idees deco


It is true that the spirit of the play, also called “the heart of the house”, becomes quite different and plunges us into a bygone era. In order to choose such a design , it is necessary to have some nostalgia for the past but also to like more or less pronounced colors.

Eclectic and vintage influences of several decades in this kitchen

décoration maison cuisine vintage retro

It is also necessary to appreciate the angular appearances of the furniture and cupboards as well as the finishes not always up to date. In any case, retro cooking at home can be a great place to meet up with family and relax after a hard day’s work.

The 50s and 60s are deeply felt in the interior of this original cuisine

cuisine comptoir retro tabourets vintage

Simple, clear and inviting here is another example of retro cuisine

cuisine aménagement retro vintage déco idées maison

The bright colors and the vintage spirit of the kitchen that translates into a chessboard floor

cuisine vintage design retro maison moderne


This retro kitchen is distinguished by its decidedly feminine decoration since in rose petal

cuisine rose retro vintage deco

Ceiling high, closets deep here is a retro kitchen , traditional and rustic at once

cuisine de maison campagne aménagements placards retro vintage rustique

The pronounced colors in the red range and the characteristic design of the 70s-80s

retro style cuisine vintage placards assises années 60

The retro kitchen with vintage furniture par excellence that makes us think of the 50s

cuisine simple vintage sobre retro années 50

A modern kitchen with some vintage influences and reminders

aménagement retro cuisine sympa maison retro placards

Creamy color and lime green gives a retro look to the amenities of this kitchen

couleurs retro cuisine vintage déco paint

Retro kitchen with pink decor for quiet mornings full of sweetness

belle cuisine rose retro mobilier vintage

Small American kitchen furnished with some retro inspiration

cuisine sympa deco design

A good example for a retro -vintage kitchen with a friendly and warm atmosphere

cuisine design placards deco sobriété


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