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The sofa bed – the essential furniture of today


We all know the sofa bed. However those who live in big cities and therefore in small apartments will greatly appreciate its functionality and practicality.

Classic sofa bed


Admittedly it is a gold bed the day it is transformed thanks to the multiple cushions to a seat related to a sofa. It is true that those who do not like to make their bed every day will be bothered but nothing beats such a gain of space without the social life suffers.

Everyday sofa bed

The sofa bed with storage drawer is ideal for children’s rooms or offices that can be converted into a guest room.

Sofa bed with mosquito net design

Decorated according to the style and the taste of the owner, it can become the central piece in the space that it occupies and thus delimit the different zones of activities.

Bench in white

With a flashy and multicolored decoration or on the contrary dark and discreet, the bench bed finds its place everywhere. It will allow us not only to gain space but also to beautify our interior if we take the trouble to decorate it as it should.

Cushions transforming a sofa bed into a sofa

Here are some examples of pictures of sofa beds, as different in style as in appearance. It’s up to you to find your happiness.

Tufted upholstered bench

Original sitting for the out and indoor


Deco sofa fuschia

Atypical design bench bed

Photo credits : homedesignlovers.com ; purcellliving.com


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