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The summer kitchen – the fun and fun center of the garden during sunny days


A summer kitchen and an outdoor pool – these are the two features that transform a classic garden into a paradisiacal corner during the summer. In addition, outdoor spaces designed in this way guarantee a flourishing social life during the warm weather.

Superb semi-outdoor kitchen that serves as a summer kitchen on occasion

belle cuisine extérieure intérieure maison pratique


But what should we think when planning a summer kitchen at home? First of all we must consider this space as a separate piece of the house and devoted all our attention. Provide an oven and plates in addition to the unavoidable barbecue but also cupboards for storage and a work plan. You can also add a counter to make the process of meal preparation enjoyable by chatting with our loved ones.

A kitchen open to outdoor spaces covered by a pretty wooden pergola

aménagement cuisine extérieure rustique bois pierre

We must also pay attention to the materials we will use to create our summer kitchen . Preferably, it must be ensured that these are well designed to withstand the external conditions. So the safest is to opt for stone , slate, tile, stainless steel, treated wood etc.

Finally do not forget to provide a pergola or blind to protect yourself from the sun.

Perfect example of a beautiful stone summer kitchen aesthetically lit in the night

propriété rustique belle demeure cuisine d'été idées déco

The summer kitchen can be designed as a natural extension of the indoor kitchen

appartement zen cuisine terrasse ville

An outdoor kitchen perfectly equipped to receive guests

cuisine d'été rustique pierre jardin belle demeure maison

When the summer kitchen becomes an integral part of the house

grande maison cuisine séjour salon extérieur de jardin

Small transformation of a wooden terrace that results in a nice summer kitchen

petite cuisine extérieure maison terrasse en teck

Summer kitchen , dining room and outdoor living room beautify the garden of the house

idées aménagement cuisine extérieure d'été

Elegant and chic here is another example of outdoor cooking in a contemporary style

maison de luxe design moderne cuisine d'été

An outdoor area to prepare food with simple and rustic charm

projet créatif cuisine extérieure rustique maison de campagne

The summer kitchen may be the perfect way to fill the empty spaces of the garden

petite cuisine d'été aménagement jardin projet plan

Rustic terrace where the kitchen and the dining room follow the traditional country style


séjour salon jardin extérieur outdoor idées design

When the outdoor kitchen does not take up more space than a corner on the covered terrace in front of the house

maison traditionnelle cuisine extérieure terrasse aménagement

Modern and welcoming design, here the summer kitchen completes the perfect picture of the private garden behind the house

cuisine d'été piscine jardin design luxe maison

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