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Traditional kitchen backsplash with multicolored cement tiles


One of the latest trends in interior decorating are the so-so Mediterranean cement tiles for interior spaces with water like kitchen or bathroom. They have an authentic, almost rustic charm without the fact that the production of these cement tiles is an environmentally friendly process.

Sparkling colors for this rustic kitchen

couleurs vives cuisines de campagne déco


In general, composed of natural materials, their application extends to urban dwellings. In addition, these cement tiles can be made to order in case the colors or drawings are not part of the idea of ​​overall decor of the room.

First made in southern France in the late 19th century, cement tiles often have geometric or floral designs. They were commonly related to the interiors of villas and old houses in southern Europe.

A real composition panel for this kitchen backsplash

cuisine moderne et rétro en dosseret ciment

It is clear that the generalization of their use has taken gigantic proportions. In fact, cement tiles have become a traditional and rustic alternative to bring a personalized touch to interior decoration … even a nostalgic touch.

Their craftsmanship, retro- styled colors and designs, transport us to another era and give your home a strong character.

Cement tiles with a more modern appearance

carreaux originaux de ciment authentique cuisine

Retro touch thanks to the handmade cement tiles

carreaux de ciment multicolores dosserets de cuisine

Black and white for a classic kitchen decor

décoration de cuisine carreaux en ciment

Mismatched appearance of the kitchen backsplash

carreaux de dosseret en ciment cuisine

Authentic character thanks to the cement tiles

touche anciennes retro cuisine dosseret

Retro kitchen in black and white cement tile backsplash

carreaux de ciment anciens dosseret de cuisine

Multicolored floral and geometric designs

côté artisanal déco cuisine dosseret

Old-fashioned appearance of these cement tiles


cuisine retro d'antant carreaux dosseret

Cement tiles with modern designs

idées déco cuisine dosseret

Photos courtesy: casa.abril.com.br, hellokitchen.net, Cement Tile Shop, Chad McPhail Design, Weranda, Original Style, kitchenlabdesign.com, purpura.eu, bhg.com, eenigwonen.nl


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