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Unique design bed that cajole our senses


If the room remains the room where we recover after the long day of hard work, it is also the corner most like us and it would be better if we made it unique. Our room must evoke a feeling of pampering, security and serenity. If you add to that a bit of creativity and fantasy, then this private corner can turn into a real piece of paradise.

original design bed by Kenneth Cobonpue


The heart of the bedroom is of course the bed. And if the bed looks unusual?

The primary function of a bed is to be comfortable and relaxing. However (you will agree) there is something more that draws our attention. This little something is the design of the bed.

original bed with a medieval look

It must be said that in the world of interior design , the bed is not one of the exceptions. A whole host of famous designers are innovating and creating a new concept of ” bed design “.

Here is our choice of beds with the most atypical aspects and even frankly unconventional. A room in the image of ourselves, with a design bed that cajole our senses and our taste … It’s downright perfect happiness. So what more?

original design bed

single bed and green

wooden chest bed and drawers

swing bed - hammock by the beanock

design bed an oriental strand

Japanese design book bed

design bed in flowers

half suspension original design bed

original design bed trees

design bed round and illuminated shape

comfortable round bed


design bed by laura umansky

conopy bed unique and original design

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