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Walls and furnishings bedroom all in trendy gray


In a house the bedroom represents is a kind of protective cocoon, an island of intimacy in a house. It is in this strictly personal space that we must feel relaxed and refreshed. As a result, the furnishings of the room , the choice of colors and materials are crucial in order to create a palpable atmosphere of well-being.

Style bedroom, bluish metallic gray

charming room in trendy gray


In general, the most common hues for a bedroom are “soft” and pastel tones – just to calm our minds and make us let go. However for some time a coloring for the least unusual has appeared in the furniture room but also in the entire decor. This is of course the gray that is modern and trendy.

Light gray, dark gray, raspberry red and white – the gray is cooked in any sauce

Furnishing room light gray and dark gray

In the following photos we offer some pictures of arrangement of rooms in shades of gray. Gray is synonymous with purity and simplicity. Then the marriages of textiles and colors are well mastered.

The advantage of gray is that it marries easily with everything! So if you are attracted to the gray, you will have no trouble using it as a touch or as the main color for the bedroom furniture or for your walls.

A contemporary and refined room – furniture all in gray

deco stripped in gray upholstery room

What is certain is that different colors act on our emotions. What is also certain is that the gray will calm your daily worries and you will free your mind of small worries without great interest.

Light gray and white – the very common color combination

decoration room furnishing all gray

Anthracite gray, light gray, metallic gray … We just have to make our choice!

gray room deco modern furnishings

Furnishing room in gray and beige, nice mix of styles

trendy gray walls and nice beige

White and light gray to optimize the brightness of a room

room furniture gray and white

Dark gray and dark wood – furniture taste room

trendy room in dark gray

British style bedroom in king size bed

bedroom in white and mixed gray

Cream carpet, bed linen in white / black and walls in gray for this room

room in gray and white furnishings

Bedroom in white / gray enhanced with fuchsia cushions

modern room in gray white and fouchsia cushions

Bed, shelves and closed fireplace for bedroom furnishing


dark gray with light gray carpet

Walls all in gray, all-white bed – interesting contrast

gray bedroom & white bed linen

Office lamps in black, wall and ceiling in gray, white bedroom furniture

light gray walls white bedroom furnishings

The gray color goes perfectly with sky blue (bed cover) and varnished wood (floor)

gray, white, varnished wood and sky blue

Luxurious bedroom furniture in gray tones – anthracite gray

luxury room gray color class

Open space, volume highlighted by gray wall on a white background

clean and simple room in gray & white

Bedroom with walls of a gray concrete effect

gray walls reflection concrete upholstery rattan

Room with wallpaper walls with gray drawings matching the framed headboard

british wallpapers in gray


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