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When our designer kitchen goes green


The kitchen is the heart of the house – to use the famous slogan of a well-known French cook . Gourmets and those who like to cook and entertain will definitely agree.

The traditional kitchen made of natural wood has given way to a kitchen design with smooth or even minimalist appearances.


kitchen in green white design

This new design kitchen is exposed and becomes in some sort the “jewel” of the habitat. It is open and occupies an increasingly important surface. New accessories and amenities (such as kitchen islands) were introduced to facilitate meal preparation.

Colors and materials differ on many points from those used in time.

One of the favorite colors is green. It brings a feeling of freshness and modernity and therefore it is no coincidence that it is as ubiquitous in today’s kitchens .

green kitchen design

While some remain moderate in their green decoration, others rely on the realization of a rather daring design kitchen . The keys of greenery here and there, turn into a table in itself, designed to the glory of the green color.

The impression of walking in the wood is all the more conveyed by the fact that this color is often married furniture or floor in light natural wood color.

green and other kitchen colors

In short, choosing green as the main color for a designer kitchen is not only a sign of modernity but synonymous with a breath of fresh air. To this we must add that some shades of green combine perfectly with many other colors. Which gives a field of creativity quite wide.

Here is a selection of some cuisines that will make us think strongly of the lush spring garden .

kitchen at the green and wood counter

green and blue design kitchen

green kitchen design white cupboards

wood and lime green for this trendy kitchen

modern kitchen in dark wood and green

kitchen with green and white cupboards

modern kitchen decor in green

green design kitchen

design kitchen all in green and white


kitchen with minimalist features

modern design kitchen


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